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Xottor™ Magnetic Couples Bracelets

2x Black
2x Yellow
2x Pink
2x Purple
2x Dark Brown
2x Wine Red
2x Beige
2x Grey
2x Green
2x Red
2x Navy Blue
2x Light Brown
Grey & Black
Wine Red & Black
Pink & Black
Beige & Black
Black & Red
Wine Red & Green
Purple & Green
Yellow & Black
Yellow & Green
Pink & Green

Why Magnetic Couples Bracelets?
Our very first design - Original Magnetic Couples Bracelets - holds the meaningful promise of eternal love within:
”Oaths high as the mountains and vows deep as the ocean were exchanged, lovers pledge of eternal loyalty until the seas dry up and rocks decay."
One bracelets with the Mountains charm and the other one with the Oceans charm will always keep reminding you how strong your love and your bond is.

Size: Freehand Adjustable
Length: 15-25cm / 6"-10"