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Xottor™ Wireless Hands Free Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter

Want to play WIRELESS music off your phone in any car, old or new?

Listening to the radio can be very frustrating. You never get to pick the music and there's ads every second minute...

INSTEAD, wouldn't you enjoy being able to play your own music playlists, podcasts, eBooks or call loved ones on the go? 🎵🎵

And - if your car doesn't have Bluetooth, normally you've got a couple alternatives:

 Replacing your car stereo ❌ $150-300 + Installation Costs
 Using an annoying AUX cord that gets in the way ❌ $5-10

Forget about these! The  Bluetooth Plug is the most affordable and effective solution for cars that don't have Bluetooth built in ✔️ it has a lot on offer.



Features include:
✅ HIGH QUALITY, clear Bluetooth audio off your phone
✅ Once set up, connects to your car automatically
 Hands-free calls (inbuilt mic) & GPS prompts
 Two USB charging ports for your devices
 Supports playback from USBs or Micro SD cards

So STOP driving around without Bluetooth! The solution is a click away. Secure yours today for fast WORLDWIDE shipping and a hassle-free delivery experience. It's time to go wireless!