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Xottor™ Cubic Zirconia Letter Ring

  • Express your deep connection to your loved one or show your individuality
  • Unique piece of jewelry, made by hand with double 14K gold or 925 sterling silver coating
  • Perfect for you oras a gift to a loved one in your life
  • Carefully cut cubic zirconia for a radiant look
  • Adjustable size -always fits perfectly!


Ourletter ring is a real eye-catcher and reflects the individuality and elegance of the wearer.The ring is carefully handcrafted withskilled craftsmanship and is freely adjustable in size.


The beautifully cut cubic zirconia isseamlessly incorporated into the ring and gives it an elegant look.Givethis unique ring to yourself or a loved one.


Package includes:

1 x letter ring (choose color and letter above)