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Xottor™ Magnetic love bracelets for couples & BFFs

Feel the attraction

  • The bracelet with the very special attraction for you and the most important person in your life
  • The magnet on the bracelet keeps your sweetheart close to you and lets you feel your attraction more intensely
  • Perfect for holding hands and while driving ❤️
  • In the chic mountains & rivers design 



For soul mates

Our magnetic love bracelets are inspired by the meaning of soul kinship - two halves of the same soul that come together and unite on the journey of life.

There is a kinship in love and friendship - everything was given to us in pairs, two hands, two eyes, two ears.But only one heart!

Because we are destined to find the other half of the heart in another person.This is true love.



Information about the bracelet

  • Unisex, many colors available
  • Easily adjustable in size
  • Magnetic pendants
  • made of cotton & stainless steel


    Processing time 

    • We have a very high demand.The processing of your order and the production of the bracelet can take up to 7 working days.Shipping to Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland currently takes approx. 10-15 working days.