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Xottor™ Magnetic Heart Necklaces for Couples & BFFs

  • Connect with a loved one and both carry part of the other with you
  • A package contains both halves that attract each other magnetically
  • Perfect for you andyour partner, your BFF or your siblings
  • Scratch and waterproof stainless steel, double-coated  for lifelong wear
  • Beautiful gift to you & a loved one


Our magnetic heart necklaces are awonderful symbol to an important person in your life.They show deep kinship and are therefore carefully made for you by hand.


No matter how far apart you are, you always carry a part of the other with you and can alwaysfeel connected on a deep level.Everyone deservesto experience and cultivate such a wonderful relationship.

Package includes:

2 x heart necklaces (choose color and chain type above)