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Xottor™ 360 Full Body Protective iPhone Case

Dark green


  • The double-sided mobile phone case customized for iPhone is both a mobile phone case and a mobile phone film, giving the mobile phone 360° full protection.

    Main Features

    • 360° Comprehensive Protection
      The protective front case has a built-in tempered glass, a soft TPU shock-absorbing rear case, and the lens part is 0.33mm higher than the camera to prevent lens wear and provide all-around protection for the phone. It is impeccable in every aspect.

    • Integrated Shell Membrane Design
      The front shell comes with a film artifact, which can be used easily even if it is not filmed, and the screen frame can also be protected, which solves the biggest pain point of the tempered film. It also has hydrophobic and oleophobic to prevent fingerprints.
    • Bare Metal Feel
      The ultra-thin upgrade is like no other case, the screen is sensitive to touch, and you can experience the bare-metal hand feel. And the case can also be wirelessly charged without affecting signal transmission.

    • Compression And Explosion-proof
      The screen uses high-aluminum silicon ion explosion-proof glass with a diamond-level hardness of 15kg, which is resistant to pressure and drop. At the same time, the high light transmittance of the high-aluminum glass will not affect the iPhone sensor and screen clarity, bringing you an ultra-clear visual experience.

      Style selection

      • Pure color